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The piece will premiere on July 14 on the catwalk, and the story is about Albert Wesker and his family.

Fans of the Resident Evil series are eagerly awaiting what Netflix can bring to the franchise in its live-action adaptation, and many are hoping the platform will be smarter than Paul W.S. Anderson. The on July 14 Two short artists for the upcoming series have already been released, with which we can get an idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe plot on two threads and get acquainted with the protagonist. Albert Weskertadopted girls, Billy and Jadet.

By the way right now geek week It Happened and Netflix has released a whole new favorite for the series and iconic creatures like zombie spiders, mutant dogs or the Licker will also appear in the video, as well as classic zombies in all their abundance. The story begins in New Raccoon City in 2022 and the Umbrella Corporation is trying to restore its ruined reputation, but of course T virus It breaks free again, and after jumping we find ourselves in an apocalyptic world where With 6 billion dead The survivors must fight.

I feel we need to clarify a few things here. First, the Raccoon City incident also takes place in this Resident Evil “world”, where zombies have escaped, corn has been dropped, and Wesker appears to be dead. Later, the company rehired the specialist (or clone? – Mr. Dr), who moves with her daughters to the new city and the first schedule begins here. secondly, Andrew Dabb Show Director It was previously mentioned that they tried to put the series together in the spirit of games, which meant that horror would have more focus than frenetic action. Last but not least, the story creators respected the official canon and the plot will be closely related to the games. Based on that, is it worth looking at the series, do you think?

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