Esport 1 - All Esports in one place!

Esport 1 – All Esports in one place!

The two teams played a very close match, but BEE smoothly won the match venue due to his superior position.

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Rainbow Six: Siege European League 2022

rogue vs. BDS Esport

The regular season for Season 4 is officially over, and we still have someone to see at MNEB matches. The last game of the group rounds took place on Friday, with the Békéscsaba E-sports federation and five of WiLD Multigaming clashing. The stakes were high, with both teams taking the place of the accessory in the match.

Both sides have made a pleasant journey so far to the battle. WiLD is a veteran of MNEB, albeit with other players, but this team has been there all season so far and won the first game. BEE was a surprise team this year, with the core of the team being Lepidus Haribo and Dom1n1k, who fought for survival in the PLG colors last year. They tried competing again this year and were more successful than ever.

Selected to play the match, the BEE defender started as the WiLD attacking team. A close match was expected, the stakes were high, but it only seemed at first. The five of Piqueskaba played with more confidence, and it was enough for them to win only 6 rounds, because in the case of overtime they get it regardless of the result. For their part, Garren excelled in the game, committing a lot of murders during the rounds, and BEE sprinted toward the entrance.

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They made it 6-2, which means they are definitely fourth. WiLD could barely speak, no matter how strong the team was. They won flawless circuits and in 1vX situations, but unfortunately that wasn’t enough for them.

After the sixth round of BEE’s win, they looked like they gave up on the match because they were already in, so they had a good time. WiLD also pulled itself together, until later winning the match 8-7, but by then it was no longer on the line.

Table position after the end of the regular season

There was only one difference for them to reach the playoffs or maybe the finals in Season 4. This time we can follow the players of KMK, Illés Academy and WnP, which is also a surprise, and Békéscsaba E-sports Association throughout the playoffs.

First and fourth place players play with each other as well as second and third. The two teams that win these matches will advance to the finals, where they can compete for the grand prize. But the two losing teams will not end the competition either, they will play the so-called bronze match where they will decide who will win the third place and the prizes that come with it. We can catch up on more exciting matches before the end of this season, so be sure to tune in Rainbow6HU Twitch Channel.

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