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Esport 1 - All Esports in one place!

Suddenly we don’t even know why they thought it was a good idea.

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Not all are Call of Duty, Doom, and VALORANT. There are FPS fans who are waiting for a bigger challenge and almost want to play in a military simulator. The Arma series, which has been around since 2006 and originated from the well-known Operation Flashpoint games of the early 2000s, offers them the perfect choice.

In light of the numbered episodes, the series comes in its third part, about 10 years after its release. Now fans can go for a dance of joy, Arma 4 is in the works, but we don’t know yet when it will appear.

However, we won’t be left without a new Arma until then, because Arma Reforger, practically an expensive Arma 3.5 born out of developer laziness, is already available on Steam.

The game is available in early accessIt hurts up to €30 and can be played in two multiplayer modes with the military arsenal of the 80s on the fictional island of Efron. Plus, the game is actually powered by the new Bohemia engine, Enfusion, which looks surprisingly good.

So far everything is nice and good, the problem starts when you think what is this game really like? It will be much less than Amra 3, much less than Arma 4. The unstated goal of the developers is for Reforger to evaluate what players (not developers!) want from the community to constantly add new content to using Steam Workshop, and for Part 4 to be based on Reforger.

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In other words, Bohemia boys and girls released waist 30 euros, a lot of semi-finished programs are in poor technical condition, which is really just a test. The idea wouldn’t be bad at all, actually! But for all this, players have to pay …

For all his faults, this writer has also loved Arma games so far, but with this tie, Bohemia now has many black points.

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