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Esport 1 – All Esports in one place!

In addition, he encourages other popular content producers to do the same and help their viewers.

Since the start of Streamer’s career in 2014, TrainwrecksTV has gained a huge fan base on Twitch and is currently She has 1.8 million followersHowever, the 31-year-old content producer hasn’t shied away from the numbers and is trying to give as much back to the community as possible as well as entertain. For example, Grandma Wow celebrates her 80th birthday Donate $10,000 However, he recently gave his Apex Legends pro program to help with his ailing father’s medical expenses, as well as a $20,000 wedding gift to the Call of Duty League to Crimsix. Train has taken her philanthropy to another level these days as she announced on her Twitter page that $250,000 Creates a foundation for mental health assistance for your community.

According to the singer, he has been supporting the inner circle and friends of his fan camp at this level since 2016, but now he wants to do it on a larger scale, which he called for help. with the United Nations A former collaborating organization. In addition, invitations are larger Twitch Banners & Content ProducersTo follow suit and make a positive change in the lives of its viewers, especially in the United States, where any form of health care consumes huge amounts of money. In addition to TwitLonger, Train also made a video on the topic to reach a larger audience for his initiative.

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By the way, a separate platform for the initiative will be created and for those in need will have an application, and community leaders will play a key role in avoiding scammers and getting help in the right place in any case. No further details have been revealed yet, but the operator has promised to keep the VIPs informed of developments.

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