Esport 1 - All Esports in one place!

Esport 1 – All Esports in one place!

The European RMR B starts with the Corrie representing Hungary among the best teams in the world.

Trunk and banana loss The PGL Major Antwerpen EU RMR An reported that the Hungarian annual work plan was unfortunately behind at the event, which would have been the Major’s first chance to participate since the VAC ban expired. However, Hungary was not left without representation, as EU RMR Bn started his trip to Antwerp with Sangal today! However, the performance in Bucharest couldn’t be more challenging for the European mix, as their Turkish teammate Soulfly hasn’t been able to travel to Romania yet due to a visa issue. In the opening match against the players (gambit), TuGux will be replaced. Announcement by the organization They are trying to find a solution for Soulfly’s return.

EU RMR Bn, like Race A, has 16 teams and 8 deployment locations, but their distribution is different – 3 legends and 5 rival locations you’ll find a host this week. The quality of the teams is much lower than in tournament A, although there are a lot of defenders here too: players (Gambit), G2, ENCE, NIP, Astralis and Entropiq. Their seats are rented almost in a Belgian major style, of course there are always surprises and they are impeccable. NIP, for example, will now play an official match for the first time with Brollan, who will replace him in the starting lineup. However, the last two places could really be accessed by anyone in this field, many of them not knowing what they were up to. If someone starts strong in the two Bo1 rounds against the big teams, there will be a big revolution in Bucharest and it will lead to heartbreaking events like EU RMR A.

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12:15 – NIP vs. Endpoint (Brollan debut)
13:30 – Players vs Sangal
14:45 – Spirit vs. Insy

Also, do not forget that everyone plays two games on the first day: sometime at 16:00 the second round will start, it is worth taking a look at that time. for this pageTo see the pairing!

Cover photo: HLTV / brcho

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