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Esport 1 – all esports in one place!

Ubisoft released a new update today, and while the package fixes various gameplay, level, player, and user-side bugs, it has finally fixed a long-awaited bug.

Repairs are badly needed in every game, as fans are often dissatisfied with the current state of the business, and there is something about that. All too often, really annoying bugs appear or occur permanently that ruin the gaming experience. One of them, so far, is frame reduction, or a slowdown in the number of frames, in situations where someone quickly turns into the character.

For example, on the first floor of the bank in the archives room, it may happen that if a player changes direction at lightning speed, the FPS number decreases for a while. And the strangest thing of all, players have reported similar issues since November 2018. We hope that all of these issues will be fixed with this fix.

With not many players affected by the foul, he was not on the agenda for long, although everyone who encountered this thing was said to be eliminated because he was not satisfied. Now, however, the idea is ripe for developers to fix this part of the game as well.

By the way, the correction was armed on January 19 on all three platforms. In addition to the FPS error, a few of the corners were improved, providing an unfair advantage to some, considering here the gap between the wall and the column in the staff room on the bank’s first floor, but the Coastline and Villa are also included.

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