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What was your favorite Silent Hill game?

A new Silent Hill edition is added to my personal wish list every year, but unfortunately I’m disappointed every year so far. Plus the fans who grew up in Silent Hill’s first four games that year (let’s not even talk about the rest).

However, the thing is that Konami has been sitting for years on the rights to Silent Hill games, which are used to making the maximum number of slot machines. There isn’t much chance of a new part of the series coming out in the near future, and possibly reruns of classic episodes, so the community has taken on more control.

The Codeless Studio team has started porting the first part of 1999 to Unreal Ungine 5, which already looks scary. The famous first minutes of the game can be seen in the video that was released a few days ago, which makes us want more remakes of Silent Hill now.

The problem is that this is a fan project that is designed more for their own entertainment, not necessarily having the whole game ready at once. Due to Silent Hill’s rights, this may not be possible either, with a good chance that if work continues and more and more Part 1 elements are recreated in UE5, Konami will come to Banham and hit the project.

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