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Arcane is currently at 9.4 on IMDB, making it one of, if not the most successful, Netflix series!

Arcane’s first season finally came to an end this weekend. The 9-part story contains almost everything, and surprisingly, not only fans of League of Legends were able to impress, but also those who were only interested in an animated series and did not try the game. Personally, I don’t get enough criticism of movies and series to write about, but the killings of characters who seem to be Game of Thrones heroes and hard-to-guess endings threw up a lot of really cool stuff. a story. Also, the animation of the world and characters were overwhelming, the lessons of the story were not chewed in our mouths, everyone could deduce what they wanted.

However, by the end of Season 1, it was clear that no matter how modest they were, the game makers and Riot expected it to be a hit. Closing the story, deleting the famous characters Zaun and Piltover from League of Legends, indicates that the story of the second season has practically written itself, leaving only animation and “mastery”.

Word finished in a hundred, and Arcane was a huge hit, as evidenced by the IMDB Page series, which almost became Netflix’s highest-grossing series of all time. Admittedly, very few people have signed up for the series, as it hasn’t been a month since its premiere, but right now, if we don’t just look at the Netflix series, it’s still in high-end. Only Breaking Bad a Band of Brothers and two very important documentaries, Planet Earth and Planet Earth 2, predate Arcane.

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Sure, there wouldn’t be anything if there were negative echoes from the LoL community in the meantime, but even most true veterans loved Riot’s first movie production rehearsal.

We’re excited to know when Season 2 will actually arrive, when Warwick, Urgot and the others will arrive on the many threads left open.

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