Esport 1 - All Esports in one place!

Esport 1 – All Esports in one place!

The fun game didn’t bring any results.

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K&H MN3B Valorant

Regular Round 10 – Team Plague vs. Lenovo Legion Honvéd

We already know that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is one of the most popular online multiplayer games in recent times, capable of putting a lot of people in front of the device with its interesting world. Sure, it can’t be compared to Fprtnite or PUBG, but it does provide a bit of relaxation as well as “more serious” gaming. If you haven’t tried the game yet anyway, we’ll still be convinced that Fall Guys is the most downloaded PS Plus game ever. And if all that wasn’t enough, we’ll also whisper that The Guinness Book of Records also recognized this achievement.

This year, several Fall Guys skins have been leaked, so far we’ve seen Ratchet and Clank outfits, as well as Kena and Rot. The looks of Astrobot, Sackboy, Guy and Ana Spelunky Fall Guys are also sure to appear soon. The Xbox and Switch versions of the game have unfortunately been postponed indefinitely. The team said they need time for features like cross-play to function properly, too.

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