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Esport 1 – All Esports in one place!

There are demos on almost every WoW server.

It can’t, it shouldn’t even beautify the situation. After Riot and Ubisoft, the potty also beat the house of Activision Blizzard. After two years of investigation, the company was sued for sexual harassment and unequal treatment. The information disclosed during the investigation and the conditions in the company are written in more detail in the article below.

The accusations were left without word or deed by the community of one of the company’s most popular games, World of Warcraft. Thousands protest Blizzard and express their solidarity with the victims of company racism and harassment. the The Fame Macabre ingame clan organized the first demonstration on the stairs of the Shadowlands capital, Oribos, but was soon joined by several other large clans, and protests are now held on almost every server.


Furthermore, players weren’t satisfied with letting Blizzard know of their dissatisfaction. A charitable fundraising campaign was also organized for a non-profit organization called Black Girls Code, during which more than $11,000 has already been raised for an organization that educates young girls in computer science.

The indictment against Activision Blizzard sheds light in several places on former World of Warcraft creative director Alex Afrasiabit and his abhorrent actions. Afrasiabin is also named after several WoW NPCs who are now the targets of the pretend mob. Players stand in line and spit out the infected characters one by one.


Of course, the digital display is unlikely to be significant in this process, but it is a warning sign to Blizzard that even the most loyal fans are not blind, they can condemn the company in the same way if it maintains the apocalyptic conditions that accuse it.

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