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BioWare has gotten a lot better at handling Mako, but if you’re tormenting yourself, you can even stop helping.

Mass Effect Legendary Effect, released on May 14, will be more than just a re-release. This is because BioWare has improved a lot in the popular trilogy, and the biggest wrinkle stitching gets the first part. Not only did the episode go through graphic tweaking, but (among other things) the Mako controls were also greatly improved.

This, of course, is nothing new, as we have already heard about this satisfactory change, and the correction is not surprising, as it was one of the most criticized elements in the first part at that time. Speaking to PC Gamer, Mac Walters and Kevin Meek of the development team have now shared the information we can even stop helping if we want.

Mick said, “For those who like pain, we left the option to use the original controls. The difference between old and new Mako is heaven and earth, especially on computers. When I have to go up the hill.”

Are you happy with the MACO with improved control? Or will you remain in the torture game with the “old” Mako?

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