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Few people might know about her, but she is the first and only lady to date to reach the closed ePremier League playoffs.


ESL Pro League Season 13

FURY vs. Cloud 9

Lisa Manley is a truly determined eSports athlete, but she only chose the profession after one soccer injury that halved the other player’s career. The 21-year-old had always wanted to be a professional soccer player, but she could not fulfill this dream after she had to stop active sports due to a knee injury. After that, football remained his passion, so did the virtual world, and he proved he was very talented in this field as well. He didn’t even have to wait long, as confirmed by professional e-sports organization, NFG, owned by Leicester City defender Christian Fox. In the UK, Lisa is one if not the best FIFA player these days. So much so that he has already proven among the boys, for example, in 2020, he reached the qualifiers for the closed ePremier League for the Crystal Palace competition and reached the point where he broke up with one match to represent the club in the Premier League. Main board, but was eventually fired by Lyricz, and it didn’t come to him after that. Sure, he hasn’t given up his rating among the best someday, but that now awaits him. However, his situation is not easy because he says he is treated with a lot of negative indicators.

“As a gamer, a lot of people hate her. Men say I’m not good enough to be part of the team. Or they just stop me to stop playing and do something else. However, I’m not giving I still 3 – I exercise 4 hours a day and try to take advantage of it.” Every chance to race. “

The most important thing I think about this game is to stay calm and not shoot the gate right away. Unfortunately, in many cases, it blocks artificial intelligence, so if one is in a hurry, there will be nothing out of the situation in most cases. Therefore, I recommend that you remain calm and wait for the right opportunity.

As for a beginner. I also had a Ronaldo card before, but I also used Mbappe and they proved very good. However, since she’s got TOTY Lewandowski, the scoring has been going much better. You can easily score goals using it, you can hit it practically anytime and anywhere. Even with him outside of 16, I boldly try to shoot towards goal, he is simply the best for me.

My ultimate goal is to represent my country as best I can in competitions, whatever the tournament. “

Lisa’s squad can’t be said to be some of the best in the world anyway, but she managed to put together a pretty cheeky squad over the months:

  • Schmeichel 93
  • Soggy 93
  • Early 86
  • 92- Masoud
  • Tavernier 87
  • Neymar 91
  • Planck 85
  • Thiago 92
  • 90 – Ali
  • Kent 86
  • Lewandowski 98

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