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The upper Hungarian summoner found his new association.


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Only still Mária Szépvölgyi “mumus100”, 23 years oldBut he has already played with Hungarian, Brazilian, Spanish, Norwegian, Russian and Serbian professional teams, and achieved the rank of Challenger over the Korean server. He has extensive international experience that he can benefit from anywhere, anytime. Although he has traveled half the world, he appears to have continued into 2021 in the same league he started last year. In the spring season of NLC 2021, you can meet Hungarian Tobu, who prof hail He will reinforce his team in the clashes that start on January 19.

The NLC was formed in 2020 when the UK Championship was merged with the Nordic Championship, which brings together the Nordic nations. In Spring 2021 season, BT Excel (Excel Esports LEC branch team, Orome playing here), Fnatic Rising (Fnatic branch team, Febiven a mides), Nordavind, MnM Gaming (both playing mumus100 in both) will be against the mummies, Among others, as well as Tricked Esport (played here previously by P1noy and Broxah). It would be a surprise if Barrage Esports manages to fight the EU Masters ranking against such teams, but the goal cannot be more than winning every match. The matches start on January 19 ie On NCLoL Twitch You can follow the events.

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