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Esport 1 – all esports in one place!

After the first two rounds, there are two unbeaten teams remaining and can now show their abilities against each other.


Pubstomp – Pros play casually

Pubstomp – Pros play casually

After the first day of the game, the fourth season of K&H MNEB HPCL kicked off more difficult for nearly everyone, with all but two teams already losing points. However, at least one of the two flawless teams so far will boycott this series of Iris’ life, with Genesis Gaming and TrollFoci Webshop eSport playing against each other on Sunday night. The former was only able to beat Vasas before the explosion and then won the other match more confidently and this could give them a big boost, while TrollFoci also had a closer duel, although they were more interested in taking the photo based on the game’s image. They benefit from the situation while in another match they scored 3 points easily.

In addition, Honvéd will appear on screen twice, but their evening promises to be very difficult, as they will first have to hit the vineyards with title holders MTK and then face DVSC. These three teams have scored 4 points so far, so the party that collects the most from this trio during the evening can not only benefit from its rivals, but can also catch up well with the front runner and even double the team’s draw. The aforementioned impeccable battle. Even tentative first place can meet.

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Incidentally, the day will be opened by PTE and Grosics at 8 am, and although the former did not score on the first day of play, the last rookie team defeated the Debrecen people, while defeating Vasast with a specific game, so maybe he will continue the series.

The schedule set for match day on March 28 in the broadcast:

20:00 PTE PEAC-Grosics

20:30 Genesis Gaming-TrollSoccer Mesh Breaker eSport

At 21:00 GMT, MTK Budapest eSport-Hell Honvéd

21:30 Hell Honvéd-DVSC Esport –

Matches anyway They can be viewed directly on Esport1 Facebook, And YouTube Obsession Twitch Channel.

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