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The Teamfight Tactics Starter Cup will take place in May 2021, where the best players from Central and Eastern Europe, including Hungary, can compete.


LEC Spring Split 2021

LEC Spring Split Separator

The Teamfight European Tactics 2020 competition has sparked overwhelming emotions from fans around the world. 1st place in TFT: Galaxies World Championship and won by Double61, a 16-year-old French boy, proving that European TFT players should not be underestimated.

Now the best players have the opportunity to compete in the TFT Star Cup and compare their strengths with players from Central and Eastern Europe, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Sixteen players will participate in this series: four from Poland, four from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and eight from Hungary, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Balkans.

Hungary can delegate players from the best EUNE server on April 25, 2021, server rankings will be recorded at 11:59 PM, at which time the participants will be shown.

To enter the tournament series, players from the EE and DACH regions must participate in at least ten ranked games during a given period. The organizers will take into account any matches that started before the end of the period, even if they end after the deadline. If there is a tie, the results of the players’ matches are compared, including the highest ratings (Top 1 and Top 4) and wins. Polish participants in the tournament series will be the best players of TFT Ultraliga.

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The start date of the TFT Star Cup is 05/10/2021 and the final date will be 05/31/2021.

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