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Save The World’s game mode has been running with random runs for a long time, while Epic Games is now compensating players for that.

Once upon a time, when Fortnite was launched, in Save The World mode, an infinite amount of money could have been spent on Loot Llamas, which offered a random lottery to whoever unlocks. This also falls under the concept of stolen funds, so the player pays for something whose outcome is not guaranteed, and does not know in advance exactly what the money gave him. Epic Games has been believing for some time that players need to know in advance what they are getting their money into, which is why X-Ray Llamas were brought in.

As compensation for the previous random Llama, every player who has previously purchased a Loot Llama will receive a 1,000 Vbuck refund.

On top of that, anyone who has also purchased event chests and keys in Rocket League will also get a small redemption there as well, with 1,000 Rocket Car Circus credits as well.

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