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Jessica “Jess” Bolden is one of the most well-known Rainbow Six commentators and analysts on programs, including working on the Six Invitational competition. He also frequently streams R6 on Twitch, until now.

Recently, Jess made an announcement on Twitter explaining that she will stop streaming Rainbow Six: Siege for the time being.

Sexism and toxic behavior

In the video, try to explain why he’s not streaming Rainbow Six anymore. The main reason for his decision was the harsh and increasingly toxic behavior of his viewers.

“If you’ve been looking at me lately, you can see that it’s almost impossible for me to stalk the ocean. Toxic behavior is a nightmare. I’m facing more and more sexual harassment these days, and they just thrive on me with N letters.”

It’s painful for him just because he loves the game and all things about it, but these current events have already crossed the line with him. He couldn’t sit around to play like that anymore and make it public for viewers so that emotion wouldn’t take over. That’s why, after much thought, he decided to stop streaming Rainbow Six for the next few weeks, and even if he launches his channel, he will try to use other FPS titles. It wasn’t exactly clear if the fracture would be permanent or not, but maybe in the future we’ll still see cute shots and solutions of it in rainbows.

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Jess was, of course, supported by the majority of society after his decision, and even one of his fellow commentators, Parker McCay, added a few words.

“While toxicity in video games is an eternal problem, Rainbow Six appears to have reached a sad new peak in online harassment when prominent members of the community decide that it is best not to broadcast the game.”

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