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Players have discovered a major bug in Steam’s most prestigious game, Valheim. A mistake can spoil anyone’s rescue in the blink of an eye.


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Another favorite of Steam’s fans is Valheim It debuted in Early Access on February 2, and hundreds of thousands have since bought it. But in Viking Survival Game, they come across a huge bug that ruins our rescue. So everything that we have achieved so far will not be a thing in an instant.

The developers informed the community that they are aware of the issue, but haven’t been able to cause it yet, so of course a solution is waiting for it. What can we do until the storm ends?

Iron Gate AB CEO recommends making sure to back up your backup and character, and exiting the game using the menu rather than using the alt + F4 key combination, as the error is less likely.

Do you like a game? When do you think the error will be resolved?

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