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Ubisoft has strongly considered this decision.

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Rainbow Six: Siege European League 2020

Classifier – Rogue vs. MnM Games

You have to go back in time to 2019, because it was at E3 that year Ubisoft revealed their new work, called Rainbow Six Quarantine, which was mostly optimized for the story. Since then, not much has been revealed since then, but we already know it will be late.

And now another thing that caught the attention of the fans, and hence the company too. Because of COVID19, it is not a good idea to give a quarantine translation for the upcoming game. The developers were asked about this as part of a recent Q&A.

In response, Yves Guillemot said they know this and feel it too, so think twice about changing the name. At the moment, however, this cannot be called concrete, so the project is still in operation under the title Rainbow Six Quarantine, but given the current delicate and fanciful period, no one should be surprised if they take a look at this.

The R6S release date was originally set for 2020, but even then it was known that it wouldn’t get together in time, and then due to misbehavior, the wrong release date would spread like wildfire among fans, which was quickly disproved by the publisher. Now we’re here to know neither its name nor the exact start of the game, so we just hope to try it out as soon as possible.

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