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Esport 1 – All esports in one place!

Esport 1 – All esports in one place!

A special hybrid game can be collected on Steam through Thursday.

How do you get a large audience for a spiritual sequel to a game? Make sure everyone has played the original version. Sega Studios and Amplitude Making Dungeon of the Endless available for free on Steam, prior to the sequel, Endless Dungeon, released on October 19. Additionally, you can download both DLC packs through the Community Center while supplies last. The offer runs through Thursday, July 27, so hurry up so you don’t miss out.

Dungeon of the Endless has attracted attention by mixing several game genres, including roguelike, classic RPG, tactical team-based games, and tower defense. You command a team that must defend its crashed spaceship against hordes of enemies as you explore a dungeon that’s getting bigger and bigger. None of its elements are particularly complex on their own, but piecing everything together is really fun and challenging.

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The essence of the game is to control the survivors of the wrecked spaceship on a strange alien planet through several levels in order to escape from the planet. At the start of each game, the player selects two characters, each with different stats. The player can control each character individually or together. The game is mainly divided into rounds, in each round a new door opens in the level, of which 12 are in total. If you don’t like playing alone, that’s okay, as the game supports multiplayer with up to four players.

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