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ESPN could pay 1500% more to block Netflix from streaming F1

Disney-owned ESPN is close to signing a new deal with Formula One over US broadcast rights for the sport.

The previous three-year broadcast agreement in 2019 was $5 million per year, the value of the new three-year contract. Supposedly About 75-90 million dollars a year.

According to Sports Business Journal, the agreement gives ESPN the right to “publish a small but unspecified number of races exclusively on ESPN+”, although “most of the races Line TVs *It will be broadcast on ABC or ESPN.

* “Broadcaster” is a line broadcaster to whom certain programs are shown at specified times. Unlike the “on-demand” nature of streaming providers, which means you can watch programs uploaded to the database at any time.


ESPN fought with Netflix, which wants to lead the series’ Drive to Survive success, and Amazon for the live rights.

It was Drive to Survive that drove the sport’s popularity to the skies, especially in the US, leading to ESPN – if the news is true about the numbers – facing a 1,500% fee increase that will surely be carried over to subscribers.

ESPN said 2021 was its most successful season yet, but with this year’s viewership already up 53% (for the first five races), the broadcaster expects even bigger numbers this year.

Although Sports Business Journal has acknowledged that it has not yet formally entered into a deal with ESPN, it has already been reported that rival bidders have been notified that their bid has not been successful.


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