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Erna Fastage receives the Crystal Ball Award

Erna Fastage receives the Crystal Ball Award

Her interest from a very early age was piqued by the natural world, which has grown stronger over the years, says Erna Fastag, who completed her undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad. According to the young researcher, sincere interest in the subject, diligence and motivation are the most important things a person must do to truly succeed.

Dr. Erna Fastag, Kristálygömb Laureate: Just as plants can truly develop in the right nutrient medium, enthusiastic students can only truly develop in a community where they receive the necessary professional and financial assistance. And it is precisely by creating and ensuring this positive environment that the Hungarian community in Vojvodina plays a huge and immeasurable role.

Erna Fastag’s work has been supported by scholarships. In addition to government grants, he has also been awarded scholarships for outstanding talent. He was also active at the international level, and his scores were published mainly in English and partly in Serbian.

Dr. Erzsébet Csányi, Lead Arranger, VMTDK: In its references, the multi-author publications M21, M22, M23 and M24 are the most popular in their references, but the resume of the VMTDK is among the first. This proves that Erna Fastag started from here, taking the first steps when he was an undergraduate. The VMTDK provided her with space for publication and participation, as well as continuous support, which is essential for the development of a future researcher.

By the way, the 21st VMTDK closed on Saturday evening with a mentoring meeting, after which the best departments were also announced.

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