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Erik Molnar and Vince Varga in the FIFA U-20 World Cup squad
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Erik Molnar and Vince Varga in the FIFA U-20 World Cup squad

Robert Kovacs, national coach of the U20 water polo team, selected the players traveling to Bucharest.

In addition to the BL Final8 in Belgrade, the U20 national team also participated in a very prestigious competition. The Hungarian national team fought against Australia, Serbia, the USA, Croatia and Montenegro. The Hungarians took first place in the preparation competition consisting of the best teams. They collected thirteen points from five matches, losing only once, in the tie against Croatia, which our rivals won on penalties.

However, FTC-Telekom shirt player Erik Molnar, who helped our team into the Champions League last 16 during this time, was not in the squad. Vince Varga played in the tournament, and in the youth playoffs he regularly stuffed our opponents, thus earning his place in the team.

The fights will take place in Romania between the 10th and 17th of June.

Men’s U-20 squad:

Goalkeepers: Benedick Danka (KSI) and Victor Giapgas (PVCC).

Field players: Zsombor Ekler (Honvéd), Soma Lakatos (Szeged), Mátyás Mészáros (BVSC), Eric Molnar (FTC-Telekom)Ákos Nagy (KSI), Norbert Nagy (Miskolc), Attila Pető (Szolnok), Péter Szalai (KSI), Marcell Szécsi (UVSE), Dávid Tátrai (BVSC), Vince Varga (FTC-Telecom)Vince Vigvari (OSC), Zsombor Vismeg (Szolnok)

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