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Erdély Csanád wants to reach the final of the tournament with his new team in Denmark

Erdély Csanád wants to reach the final of the tournament with his new team in Denmark

And soon the hockey player of the national team, Csanád Erdély, joined the team of the Danish top team Esbjerg Energy, whose main goal is to play in the tournament final again.

The 27-year-old signed a contract with the North team at the beginning of July, and he says he relies on him as a left winger, just as he was previously with Feyhervar AV19 and the national team.

“I’m expected to play as much as possible and help Esbjerg as much as possible to play in the final again and win the championship again, because they haven’t been able to do that since the 2016/17 season.” – Erdeli told the current M1, then added that he must also assist in the attacking game and, if necessary, he will also be relied upon in the wrong man position.

Erdély Csanád wants to reach the final of the tournament with his new team in Denmark

“In the last four or five games I’ve had a lot of ice time and they counted on me a lot, which was good and I think the game went really well. It took me a game or two to get my rhythm back, because here we play with a slightly different system than I’ve been used to in the last couple of years. Both at the national team level and at the club level. – explained the Hungarian hockey player, who wants to perform as balanced as possible in the Danish top flight.

“We haven’t met Odense, Herning and Aalborg yet, they are a better playing force, and Aalborg are also in the Champions League as the current champions, so they clearly belong in the upper field. And based on previous years, our team is usually knocked out in the quarter-finals or the pre-season.” Final, so our main goal is to reach the semi-finals.” Erdely noted, and then pointed out to the Danish Cup that after the 16th round of the regular season, the four best teams would enter automatically, and if one of the top four places could be won, Esbjerg would likely host the cup final.

“If you play the way I expect me to play, there will be chances, and you have to shoot them. I have very good teammates, the Canadian midfielder and I understand each other very well, and there is a more routine Danish right winger. We’ve had a few chances to score in friendlies.” We have to keep going, and then it doesn’t matter which of the three of us scores, we just have to score somehow.” – said the hockey player, then added: They still need to improve in the handicapped situations, as they scored a lot of goals during the preparation.

Esbjerg Energy finished fourth in the Danish league last season and will start this season on Sunday (today) against Rungsted, who beat them 5-4 in their first friendly match.

Cover Photo:
Tampere, May 19, 2023. Hungarian national team player Erdely Çanad plays in the team warm-up ahead of the Ice Hockey World Championship Round 5 Hungary-Finland match in Tampere, Finland, on May 19. 2023. MTI/Tibor Ellis

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