Epidemiological restrictions have also been eased in Australia and New Zealand

While more and more austerity measures are being introduced in most European countries, a period of easing has just arrived in Australia and New Zealand.

The Australian government is easing restrictions imposed on the coronavirus pandemic. As of December, nearly two hundred thousand international students and foreign workers will be able to return to the country and will not have to go into quarantine while they are vaccinated. Entry is possible at Sydney and Melbourne airports. Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the decision:

“The return of skilled workers and students to Australia is an important milestone in the reopening, and it shows what we have been able to do in the recent past,” he said.

In Australia, 77 percent of the population has received at least one coronavirus vaccine so far, with 71 percent fully vaccinated.

There will be rules that vary from region to region in New Zealand

There is also a relief coming to New Zealand. From December 3, regions of the country will be divided into different categories based on the rate of vaccination and the number of people infected. Life will be freer even in places in the red, such as Auckland, which has been on a massive strike for three months, especially for those vaccinated.

The country’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, said on Monday that the Delta type of virus was unlikely to go away, but she believed it would be dealt with due to a surge in vaccination and new epidemiological materials. Ardern said stores could reopen in major cities from early December, but restrictions on mask use and grouping would remain in Auckland, for example.

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Rigor tested well

Vaccination is similar to that in Australia: 75% of the population have already received at least one vaccination and 69% have received two.

New Zealand has so far largely defended itself against the pandemic by keeping its borders closed and ordering a strict lockdown. In August, the delta type of virus also appeared here. So far, nearly seven thousand have been confirmed to have the coronavirus and 39 deaths have been reported.

The country’s borders remain closed, and Wellington recently suspended the quarantine-free travel bubble between New Zealand and Australia after the delta variant was also identified in Australia. On Monday, Air New Zealand said it had canceled more than 1,000 flights to Australia.

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