Epidemiological relief despite the increase in the number of cases

A US federal judge has ruled that the obligation to wear a mask on public transportation, including airplanes, is invalid. They say the US health authorities have overstepped their authority. It is not yet known exactly what the consequences of the ruling will be.

The Washington Center for Epidemiology recently extended the mask-wearing commitment through May 3 to give experts more time to study the BA.2 variant of the omicron coronavirus version, which causes the majority of infections in the United States.

Meanwhile, the spread of the coronavirus epidemic is rising again and restrictions have been reimposed in some US states.

Those who pass the coronavirus test by bus will be isolated from Shanghai. China says only three elderly people have died in the epidemic since the lockdown began last month in a city of 25 million people. All three had a chronic illness that prevented them from being vaccinated.

More than two hundred million nucleic acid virus tests have been conducted in Shanghai since March 10, and since early April, the city’s residents have been tested in several rounds using rapid antigen tests to detect infected people. According to the city’s health commission, residents in every residential area where a new infected person has been identified in the past seven days are being tested daily for a week.

For the first time in two years, a cruise ship has sailed to Sydney. For now, only the crew will be on board, but Pacifix Explorer is scheduled to carry passengers again from the end of May. Australia has not allowed cruise ships to dock since March 2020.

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