Epic is also waging a war against Apple and Google in the UK

Epic is also waging a war against Apple and Google in the UK

a Bloomberg Epic has announced the opening of a new battlefield in the war against Apple and Google. This means that the company sued the two giants in the UK to make them very large percent Demand from Fortnite’s phone revenue.

Epic appealed to the nation’s National Court of Appeals, namely Antitrust Deals with laws. Against Apple Ladder The document accuses Apple of misusing its dominant position and unlawfully removing Fortnite from its online store. A similar lawsuit was filed against Google on the same day. The legal battle has been going on between companies in the US since last summer, but the island nation is now also involved in the skirmishes.

In August 2020, Epic tried to avoid having to pay mobile platform owners for their earnings, before making both Apple and Google Fortnite unavailable on the AppStore and Google Play. But Epic apparently anticipated this because they sued the companies immediately, and cynically satirized the classic Apple ad, “he called on battle royale players to fight. The US trial will resume in July this year, with case judge, Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers,” saying there is Good opportunity to take a case to a jury CNET According to his correspondent, the judge does not fully agree with Epic’s arguments.

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