Epic Games Store-ra tart a Final Fantasy VII Remake?

Additionally, another unreleased game could be headed to Tim Sweeney’s digital store.

a steam You don’t have an unofficial database (SteamDB) where you can track when a new game arrives on the Gabe Newell platform (or even you can find out about updates, Denuvo DRM removal, and things like that). This is Epic Games StoreEpic Games Data, which in turn took off the veil for two games early.

one of Final Fantasy VII Remakeand the other Alan Wake Remastered. Of course, they do not run under that name in the Epic Games Store system, because Square Enix The game is currently nicknamed Pineapple QA in the database, while the game has already been fully nicknamed. Therapy And Alan Wake, its owner, entered the system under the codename HeronStaging. This can be inferred from where the cloud-based backup parameter (CloudSaveFolder) sends the backups to the server.

For Pineapple QA, the path is {UserDir} / My Games / FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE / EOS / {EpicID} / , where UserDir is the Windows username and EpicID is our ID there, while HeronStagin has a slightly shorter folder path: {UserDir } / cure / AlanWakeRemastered /. These clearly express the respective games. Square Enix and Remedy can’t deny it, but they will of course because they will say they have nothing to report.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade for six months PlayStation 5-Exclusive, and since it came out on June 10, it may hit the Epic Games Store on December 10 at the earliest, while for Alan Wake Remastered we don’t have a starting point for when to expect it. Last March, Remedy signed a multiplayer release agreement with Epic Games, so this game will likely be one of them. True, the Finns deal with a lot of projects at once, and we have written about this many times.

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Let’s hope the return of Alan Wake will fund the sequel because the writer will have time to be between us again.

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