Epic Games needs a new headquarters, so they bought an empty mall

Epic Games needs a new headquarters, so they bought an empty mall

a Submitted The company behind the game called Epic Games in recent weeks is basically it Featured in the newsThat their online store offers free games daily to registered users during the holidays, but they are also starting the new year strongly, like Sold Cary City Center in Cary, North Carolina, along with Associated Land.

Much of the previous arena remained vacant for years, and Epic Games proliferated the building complex because they needed a new headquarters due to the impending expansions. However, they will not move recently, as the former shopping center will be redesigned for the first time to suit the company’s needs, which according to current plans could last until 2024.

Half of the mall from R / deadmalls

After the completion of the business, the company also does not consider it envisaged that a part of the new headquarters will be open to the public, they also see an opportunity to open stores in the new corporate headquarters in line with the original function.

Epic Games doesn’t move far, as the company has been based in Cary since 1999. Since then, of course, the life of the company, which initially focused only on game development, has changed a lot, expanding over time to become a publisher, making it an amazingly popular company. For revenue. It is an electronic gameThey already have 50 offices worldwide, and two years later they launched Steam, our biggest competitor, the Epic Games Store.

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