Epic Games is considering making a Fortnite movie

Epic Games is considering making a Fortnite movie

Fortnite has grown into one of the most popular video games since its launch in 2017, with countless pop culture characters appearing in it, so it’s not impossible to make a movie out of it. The Eurogamer According to a paid article in The Information, it was mentioned that Epic Games has such plans, and that some movie professionals have already been set to do so.

According to the report, Epic is also considering converting the movie as it wants to make up for the revenue it lost after being banned from iOS and Android devices. Joining the company this year are three filmmakers who previously worked for LucasFilm, including former studio vice president Jason McGatlin, who now heads the mystery special projects division at Epic. McGatlin was a producer on Disney’s Star Wars films, joined by Lynne Bartsch as president of business and Chris Furia as vice president of production finance.

The article did not write about when the movie version of Fortnite could be made, nor in what form. In recent years, Epic has produced several animated shorts for consecutive seasons of Fortnite, and perhaps one of these productions can be imagined. A lot of popular movie and series characters have already made their way into the game, with Venom, for example, being recently set up in the battle royale, followed by protagonist The Walking Dead. But the game also has its own peculiar characters.

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