They also sent a batch for testing to Transindex after the portal wasn’t thrilled with either Csíki Csipsz or such use of the Székely product name.

The Csíki Beer Factory has released brown bear poo, and it can be ordered online under the name Bear Trutyi. The proceeds will be used to solve the bear’s problems in Transylvania, the company promised. András Lénárd, the largest owner of the Csíki Beer Factory pepperSon He said he wasn’t on the creative team dreaming of canning, but he made sure to include what was written on it.

They also sent a package to Transindex. This may precede the gate Recently tested Csíki ChipsOpinions were not uniformly positive. More important than the blind test was a The article they submitted: Despite the fact that Csíki Csipszet is advertised as a “real Szekler product,” the Szekler Product brand is owned by Harghita County Council, and although Csíki paints a warrior story around its products, it’s just marketing, and the company is just as much a fighter For freedom and craftsman like Szekler chips.

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Csíki beer owner says he didn't smuggle strippers but nuns to America


András Lénárd cheerfully spoke in an interview with about how he got to America by presenting his father’s papers.

The owner of Csíki Sör won several billion forints in the support of the Hungarian state


Companies associated with owner Csíki Sör, a building contractor living in Hungary and successful in NER have been awarded a development tender in Romania.