Endless running ends: cup ends

Endless running ends: cup ends

Everyone saves what can be saved, after 10 years, Castle Cobb, the castle of recycled videos on the Internet, will be closed. The website founded in Russia announces a message on its website: Video sharing will be discontinued on April 1, and at the same time it is worth downloading all the entertainment stored there.

Coub has been the place for the past 10 years where the funniest moments in the history of the Internet via video and the history of television that preceded it can be explored through self-made videos of up to 10 seconds on which any audio background can be freely placed.

An infinite number of coub videos were created during this time, however, in early 2020 they ran out of development resources. And in December 2021, the company announced that Cobb was not in line with its owner’s development strategy, so they decided to sell the service.

It didn’t seem to work. The site’s audience ended up with an average of 3 million people per month, and by including videos on other sites, they were able to amass an additional 5.5 million unique users per month. to cut.

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