Endless Dungeon is coming in October

the Capacity Studios It has been continuously offering its various endless games for years. The series was opened by Endless Space, and then Endless Legend came along. The studio last made a very fair shift to the historical genre of empire-building with the human race, but now they’re returning to the original franchise. The next part of this is it Endless dungeon It will be, which has now received a new premiere date.

A role-playing game honed for the co-op mode is being developed, in which a team of three people discover an abandoned space station. Of course, players can also embark on the adventure on their own, in which case they can control one of the three characters and give orders to the other two. By the way, there will be a total of eight characters with different abilities in the game on the day of the premiere.

According to the creators’ original plans, the Endless Dungeon was to debut sometime in May. But it is now clear that we should expect a delay of a few months. The premiere is currently expected on October 19th on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Usual reasons for delay: More time needed to finalize. Those who pre-ordered the game will get it two days before the others, on October 17th.

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