Emissie Kohalmi also finished the European Championship with two golds!

Emissie Kohalmi also finished the European Championship with two golds!

At the longest distance, the men’s-only regatta can be held on Saturday according to the original plan, with the other three races left for Sunday.

In the women’s kayak competition, Emesi Kohalmi wins the European Championships after the World Championships!

In addition, the twenty-year-old runner won two gold medals in Munich, as did Balint Kopasz: Kohalmi triumphed in the K-2 1000m with Eszter Rendessy on Friday.

– It was a very good competition, it was much better than the world championship, it was very difficult because of the races. I wasn’t happy with the delay, I wanted to finish the race yesterday, but fortunately it didn’t affect the result – happy Kohalmi said after the race.

In the men’s kayak, Noé Bálint kept up with the duo Pimenta and Bouzan for a long time, but after he broke up with them, the pursuers met the Hungarian competitor, who finally took fifth place.

Virág Balla ranked fourth among the women’s canoes.

Hungary won the medal table at the European Kayak Championships with seven gold, four silver and three bronze medals. The first position does not change even if a European Multisport Championship As on their website, we also include the competition numbers in the discipline paragraph in total: nine gold, four silver, and four bronze are the total balance.

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