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Freedom was torn around Emilio, who could not wait for the plague to end. The The singer – who shocked his fans with his new look He thought he would share with his wife how he would celebrate the lifting of restrictions.

His wife Tina was not rewarded with the idea of ​​Emilio – Source: Hit TV / My Dear Family – Video

Now I’m on vacation, which also means I’m going to have a jacuzzi party with some dancing girls. Bathing, good mood and beautiful dancers. Only Tina will not be invited to this eventHe joked his wife Emilio A in my dear family, but it was mentioned what Tina’s reaction to it.

Uncle Emilio slowly, he’s lost. Gone are the days when younger ladies sought her services. We’ve been side by side for good and bad for 11 years and we don’t want to change that. On the other hand, Emile sometimes likes to tease Dumas like that. In fact, even after a lot of time, I catch water from these, even if I know he’s only joking.Added Tina, who is glad her husband is joking. “Fortunately, Emil doesn’t need such proms anyway. However, there is now a greater need for the company of our friends, and our house is a completed gate house. Since you can move around more freely, you always invite someone. (…) You don’t have, you want to make up for the past year and a halfHe said.

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