Elon Musk: The Brain Torn Monkey is happy and plays video games

Elon Musk: The Brain Torn Monkey is happy and plays video games

The richest man in the world announced that they have taken it to a new level with Neuralink, which aims to be an unprecedented symbiosis of humans and artificial intelligence.

In the testing lab of startup Elon Musk, there lives a supposedly very happy monkey that is able to play video games thanks to its brain implant. Tesla and SpaceX CEO Sunday night ignored Neuralink’s results in a live broadcast on the invite-only chat community club.

“We have a monkey that has a small wireless implant in its skull, which makes it play video games compared to its brain,” he said. As he said, it is not possible to see where the chip was implanted, but the monkey is definitely very happy. ”He was referring to the fact that implanting a coin-sized device leaves no trace but a small scar.

Musk claims his start-up has one of the most beautiful monkey facilities in the world, and he plans to play so-called mind-pong with each other in this paradise.

As is known, last summer Elon Musk introduced him to pigsWhat a smart device implanted in the brain can do. He also introduced three little pigs at various stages, Joyce had nothing implanted, Dorothy had an implant that was later removed, and Gertrude had had skulls in her skull for two months at that time. According to Musk, Dorothy is a good example of how a foil is inserted and removed, and after an exception, there are no permanent traces.

The official monkey gamer video is expected to be released within a month.

The Neurolink chip is able to transfer information between neurons and smart devices. The technology can help people with pain, vision problems, and spinal cord injuries, but it can also be useful for those who wish to control smart devices with their brains in general. According to the technology guru, while it can help treat brain / spinal cord injury in the short term, it can become a coexistence between human and AI in the long term.

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Musk’s goals have been criticized by many, including one of the UK’s best neurosurgeons, Dr. Henry Marsh, who described the development effort as a “story”. Marsh told RT in 2019: “I’m not saying it’s impossible, but our current level in neuroscience and technology doesn’t make that possible in any way.”

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