Elon Musk says production of a human-like Tesla robot could begin next year

Elon Musk says production of a human-like Tesla robot could begin next year

There is a possibility that the first version of the human-like robot, called Optimus, will be produced in 2023, Elon Musk said at the opening of Tesla’s new car factory in Austin, Texas.

The CNBC article According to Musk, he also talked about this robot’s ability to do anything humans wouldn’t want to do. Musk, who is the richest man in the world according to the latest estimates, believes that Optimus will transform the world to a greater extent than Tesla cars.

However, Tesla has not revealed a working prototype of the robot, and it is not yet clear how complex the Optimus will be. By the end of 2023, no robot will be able to perform all human tasks, according to Gary Marcus, an artificial intelligence researcher who told CNBC. According to Marcus, Tesla has not completely solved all problems, even in the field of self-driving cars.

This is exactly what a human Tesla robot would look like – Photo by Susan Cordero/AFP

According to Elon Musk, the robot will combine automated machinery expertise gained in Tesla’s factories with the hardware and software found in Autopilot to assist driving.

Musk, who has repeatedly expressed his concerns about artificial intelligence leading to unexpected and unpredictable consequences, emphasized that the Optimus was intended to be primarily a friendly robot, but mechanically designed to escape from the robot or press it too hard if something went wrong. It would be about 173 inches tall and 56 pounds, and would have a screen instead of a face. The company’s website Otherwise it’s called Tesla Bot. It is planned that they will be entrusted with mainly dangerous, monotonous and boring things.

The Verge notes, of courseThat Tesla has previously launched a lot of plans that looked very good, but in the end they were not implemented in any way, so as of now there is no 100% guarantee that the development will actually be completed.

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