Elon Musk opens the Tesla factory in Berlin with a festival

Elon Musk opens the Tesla factory in Berlin with a festival

The first Tesla factory was completed in Germany, which Elon Musk celebrates with a real festival. Thousands of party-goers are expected on Saturday night at the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg, where the party will run from 10 a.m. to dawn, he wrote. Reuters.

Musk didn’t break the celebration, and he even set up a Ferris wheel at the site near Grunheide. GIGA Berlin-Brandenburg Spa-Party Hot! – tweeted With the broken Germans to the leader of Tesla. Musk confirmed that he himself would be there at the party, as his plane landed in Berlin on Friday. By Saturday noon, hundreds have gathered at the site, writes German news agency dpa.

Tesla received permission from local authorities to allow 9,000 people to remain on site at one time, despite pandemic restrictions, after presenting a plan for how the event would be conducted safely. Only those who have already been vaccinated or those who can prove they don’t have the coronavirus with a negative PCR test can go to the party. Admission includes a 1.5 hour factory visit.


Musk hopes to get the green light from the authorities to start the plant in the coming weeks, after which production can begin as early as the end of the year. The goal is to produce 500,000 Tesla annually at this plant. That’s more than double the number of electric cars produced in Germany in 2020. Tesla will also want to build a new battery plant here, with plans for a €5 billion investment already submitted to German authorities.

Although Tesla has repeatedly stressed that the new site will bring Germany significantly closer to achieving its e-mobility goals, some local residents and environmental groups are unhappy with the investment, which they say pollutes the environment. Consultations on public concerns will conclude on October 14, after which the Ministry of Environment will decide whether to grant an environmental permit. The Brandenburg State Economy Minister had previously set a 95 per cent chance of approval.

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