Elon Musk egyetlen emojival alázta meg a Twitter magyarázkodni kényszerülő vezérigazgatóját kép

Elon Musk insulted Twitter CEO who was forced to explain with one emoji

Every letter from Elon Musk sent stock prices down or rattled our nerves, and now it’s no different.

As expected, at the end of April a Twitter also officially announcedThat Elon Musk would buy the entire company, which would hurt nearly $44 billion for the masters of SpaceX and Tesla. But since then, developments have occurred so rapidly that one man on his feet was able to follow the status quo: Musk first admitted that Might make it payable to some Tweet then betray that he will leave I already banned Donald TrumpFinally a few days after his plans were presented, it turned out that the businessman Acquisition is temporarily suspended.

The reason for the time request was that Musk intended to investigate Twitter’s claim that less than 5 percent of user profiles were false, but some described the investigation as mere machinations with stock prices. We recently reported the other day that the Tesla CEO said he remains committed to the business, but said that, contrary to Twitter’s claim, it is conceivable Up to 90% of users who earn are bots. This is how we got to the latest reactions involved.

Community Site CEO, Parag Agrawal saidThis spam not only harms users’ experience but also damages their business, so it is understandable that they are strongly encouraged to discover and remove as many messages as possible. However, these do not end with the binary (human/non-human) problem, as more advanced spam campaigns use a mixture of human and machine activity. They jeopardize real accounts, and are used to advancing their campaign, so they are sophisticated and hard to catch.

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Agrawal says that while Twitter is constantly fighting them, opponents and their goals are constantly evolving, often under their influence. If a set of rules for spam detection is set up today, it may not work tomorrow. The company’s employees are constantly updating their systems and removing spam, but behind the seemingly suspicious accounts are real and innocent people, and many of the most dangerous accounts on the surface appear to be completely legitimate. Therefore, they act efficiently but wisely because they do not want to suspend innocent users or make Twitter more difficult to use than necessary.

Each quarter, the proportion of reported spam accounts is found to be less than 5 percent, and its estimate is based on multiple human re-examinations of thousands of randomly sampled accounts. They’ve been doing this for years, and they also shared an overview of the process with Musk a week ago and can’t wait to continue discussing with him, but an outside estimate is not possible for privacy reasons. And how would a potential Twitter customer react to this long explanation? We offer:

Musk later added that because of the problem described, advertisers aren’t getting a proper picture of what they’re getting for their money, and if Twitter’s claim is indeed true, they have allowed other researchers to review the data as well. Strengthen your spirits, it will take some time.

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