Elkxrtuk becomes the most-watched Hungarian film of 2021

Elkxrtuk becomes the most-watched Hungarian film of 2021

Although this year is not over yet, it currently has 114,000 viewers birthday It is unlikely that it will attract more than twenty thousand viewers to cinemas in two days. It also means that Calomesta’s Gyurcsány movie, kesartok It became the most-watched Hungarian film of the year, seen in more than 130,000 cinemas – according to the Association of Film Distributors From the latest stats.

Daniel Tesker His Christmas movie had the best chance of it kesartok jeopardizing its success. There is a great deal of interest in the Hungarian romantic movie released on November 25, the fifth week is at the top of the list, and this week is the sixth with a total of 114,377 viewers. In contrast, another festive Hungarian film, kata dobo second order, and Get your hands off my dad! weak start Three weeks later, a total of 27 thousand people exchanged movie tickets.

From the Megafilm ad, orego Quotes that wrote that Dorothea HelmeckiGabor Calomesta Produced by Producers kesartok On the other hand, it became the most watched Hungarian film of the year, but also the most divisive, with nearly 5,000 appearances in the media. According to the company, 2021 has been particularly successful despite the pandemic, and 2022 will be the year of love in their own words, starting next year. lily authorized Ferenc MolnarPreparing for adaptation.

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