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Eleven minutes of fear present [VIDEO]

Eleven minutes of fear present [VIDEO]

Bloober Team and Anshar Studio showed how the game running on Unreal Engine 5 has a strong atmosphere.

Layers of Fear (2023) is a tribute to fans. The game has shaped how we strive to create the best horror experiences possible, and we hope our community will enjoy what is considered a crowning achievement for the series, the Bloober team, who are working on Silent Hill 2 Remake, wrote in the press release. His after the renaming that was released several years ago, so they have to differentiate what they’re talking about with the old game.

We’ve already summed up what the game is about, so let’s quote ourselves: “The final note focuses on the painter’s wife (fisto’s wife in Hungarian), a desperate musician. So it’s not like Layers of Fear is rethinking the original Layers of Fear story, Because we haven’t heard that story, and there will be a new site that will help connect the story of Layers of Fear and Layers of Fear 2, as it delves into the fact that the two seemingly separate events are linked together.

Layers of Fear is an introspective psychological horror film set in the 20th century. It happens at the beginning of the century. It examines the lives and tragedies of a family driven mad, as well as its slow descent into insanity. This journey was influenced by many elements of art (Victorian painting, music, and film), while it builds on the foundations of the previous parts of the franchise, and also acts as a rethinking of the general narrative structure that connects them, and thus the reworking of the stories of the first two parts gathers together in an experience One unified, but the story is also expanded with new and original chapters.

Layers of Fear uses the Unreal Engine 5 and has support for HDR, ray tracing, 4K resolution, and Lumen for a more immersive horror experience. Our world (as the world of painter and actor, that is, painter and actor, must also be explored) can change at the slightest provocation, so we have to decide what is reality. Both the castle and the surroundings were built in the 19th century. and XX. Inspired by the paintings, architecture, cinemas and decorations of the 19th century. The story and setting feature many original artwork and music. Among them, we can also find an original piece by Arcadius Rykovsky, conducted by Georg Strizov and performed by the Sofia Session Orchestra.

Layers of Fear will be released sometime in June for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC (steam).

source: Jimatsu

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