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Electrostimulation may really come in the fall

Electrostimulation may really come in the fall

Already in 2022, we wrote about it as six years in the making, but it is Electrical stimulation Contrary to rumors at the time, it did not arrive. Even then, there have already been reports that the debut could happen soon Spikewave games Sci-fi action game. Now you can hear similar news again, but the big difference is that there is also a specific date this time.

Evolution takes place in the not-so-distant future and deals with a topic that may seem more relevant every day: evolution and extinction in relation to artificial intelligence, genetic modification, and quantum technology. In comparison, the story follows the usual pattern of an AI infected with a virus taking over a research lab, killing all the people who work there. Only the head of the research, Thomas Liu, survives as he tries to prevent the infected AI from escaping and thus causing the extinction of all of humanity. HzG0u73Ng8

All of this takes the form of a subtle TPS in the gameplay, as we try to outmaneuver the AI-controlled drones and keep them from getting out by completing various missions. Since Leo is not a soldier, we should not expect big battles from him, but in return he is very skilled at hacking and controlling systems, so he can manipulate drones and other security systems as well.

In the clip above, Evotinction has finally received a specific release date, according to which it will be released on September 13 for PC, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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Jerry J

Jerry J
At the end of 2010, he joined the feature writing team at PC Dome, and after a few months he also worked as a news editor. Slowly, 15,000 written articles were attached to his name, placing him at the top of the imaginative podium.

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