Electronic Arts has smashed the Harry Potter MMO!

The publisher, which hasn’t had such a positive reputation lately, has also traveled through the stories of a wizard’s pupil.

Kim Salzer previously worked for Electronic Arts. If you look at your LinkedInWe also read that he served as Director of Product Marketing at Electronic Arts from 2000 to 2003 (and then from 2004 to 2009 as Vice President of International Brand Management at Activision). As a result, he had some serious insight into the publisher’s older endeavors, often simply abbreviated as EA. Take off the veil at once seen on twitch in an interview.

a Harry Potter The MMO of the franchise was designed by a company founded by Trip Hawkins. Salzer said the research was done and in fact a beta was already built. It combined both online and offline experiences, as for children (since the early 2000s there was a much darker part than Part 7, in which two films and then two films, adaptations were made to Play hard; both provided by Electronic Arts). From…) Prizes and rewards (eg tapes) could have been mailed.

The publisher took his homework seriously and was confident of success, but in the end the project was thrown into the dustbin, since Electronic Arts was undergoing changes at the time and could not or even wanted to believe that Harry Potter IP would have the longest “shelf” life From 1-2 years. In the English language, the publisher did not believe in the long-term success of its games (although parts of Need For Speed ​​released in the early 2000s are still prominent today).

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But it is worth noting that we wrote MMO games. If we were based on 2003, even this would have preceded Blizzard’s current attempt (no comment: World of Warcraft), so Electronic Arts lost quite a bit, because the game model would have allowed content based on later movies. Updates, so it was possible that It has survived in 2011, when the second part of the seventh film was released …

source: PCGamer

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