Electrician Simulator is getting clever DLC

We’ve also tried Games Factory We released the simulator last fall, where we can play both an electrician and a machinery technician. the Electrical simulator I followed the usual pattern of taking over a relative’s former practice, then making money by taking on various increasingly complex assignments.

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Electrical simulator test - 12-220 volts

Electrical simulator test – 12-220 volts

There is no slot cutter, but there is a pencil and screwdriver.

I also wrote in the game test that one of the biggest black spots was due to the number of engineer tasks. There were quite a few of them, although it was really fun to tinker with game controllers, hair dryers, or robotic vacuum cleaners.

Well, the developers probably read my test, too, although it’s more likely that they thought the same way in the first place. Because Electrician Simulator will be expanded with new DLC in a few days, and this will specifically fill it with such engineering designations.

In the DLC for smart devices we will have to fix smart switches, speakers, webcams, smart bulbs and other so-called gadgets. Logic modifier appears as a new game element, with which we have to switch logic gates. You really only have to wait a few days for this, as the DLC will arrive on May 30th.

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