El: Trabzonspor coach disappointed in third place

El: Trabzonspor coach disappointed in third place

As we reported, In the sixth round of Group H of the European League, Ferencvaros suffered a 1-0 defeat as a guest of Trabzonspor. The Hungarian national team certainly qualified for the Round of 16, while the Turkish champion continues in the European Conferences League despite winning. After the match, Abdullah Avci, coach of the Turkish national team, gave an assessment at the press conference.

Avshi was surprised by Ferencvaros’ good performance (Photo: AFP)

Trabzonspor ranked third in the group. Does this mean disappointment?
– It was also evident in the crowd’s reaction, with many returning to their homes before reporting, which is unusual here. We’re sorry that in the last round of the group stage our fate was no longer in our hands, so we just had to win the match against Ferencvaros and trust in luck.

Were the substitutes aware of the development of the other match?
We knew Monaco was in the lead. Moreover, he quickly gained an advantage, and the match was practically decided in the first half. We are not happy with third place, we were expecting much more. We will continue in the conference league, where we have to make the most of ourselves.

– How surprised are you by Ferencvaros’ good performance?
– As I said before the match, the Hungarian champion finished top of his group thanks to scoring four points in the two matches against candidate Monaco. This surprised me. Ferencvaros is a good team, and it was no coincidence that they immediately advanced.

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European League
group h
Round 6
Senol Jones Stadium. led: Damage Osmers (Robert Kumpter, Dominic Schall) – Germans
Trazon powder: Cakir – Stryger Larsen, Bartra, Vitor Hugo, Elmali – Sziopis, Hamsík (Gbamin, 62) – Ömür (Ünüvar, 70), Bakaszetasz (Bardi, 69), Trezégé (Haspolat, 85) – Yazici (Djaniny, 62.). Coach: Abdullah Afji.
Francis City: Dibusz – Wingo, Knoester, S. Mmaee, Pászka (Redzic, 90 + 1.) – Vécsei, Esiti (Mercier, 61.) Laidouni – Zachariassen, R. Mmaee, Nguen (Kovacevic, 81.). Coach: Stanislav CherchesoFifth.
Bacasitas (7.)

Live broadcast, interest, stats here!

The end result of group H.
1. Francis City 6 3 1 2 8-9 -1 10
2- Monaco 6 3 1 2 9-8 1 10
3. Trabzonspor 6 3 3 11 to 9 2 9
4. Crvena Zvezda 6 2 4 9-11 -2 6

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