Eight out of nine Hungarians can continue to use fencing in Belgium

Our duels were off to a great start in Sint-Niklaas: only one of our nine duels in the qualifiers was eliminated.

Sugar Batay continues to take on Hungarian fencer Katinka in the main draw (Photo: Atilla Turok, Archives)

This has rarely happened before, or if it has happened, not recently and very rarely: in the World Cup competition in Sint-Niklaas, with a particularly strong field, there was no Hungarian among the favorites (the 16 best fencers in the world ranking are always exempt from qualification) Of the nine Hungarians entering the field, eight successfully completed the first day.

Our team did this in such a way that five of the nine (Renata Katona, Lisa Botstay, Ana Marton, Katinka Bataille Sugar, Ana Spiesz) qualified for the main table immediately after the group matches, and three of the other four (Luca László, Keszei Kira) did the same. Same from the straight elimination stage.

Saturday continues between 64 with eight Hungarians – unfortunately, we will definitely have to say goodbye to one of them already in the first round, as Katinka Bataille Sugar and Kira Kizzi will battle each other to reach 32 on the home plate.

World Cup, Sint-Niklaas
sword. slim. Individually. In group matches:
Renata Katona 6 wins/0 losses, Lisa Pusztay 6/0, Ana Martone 5/1, Katinka Batai Sugar 5/1, Anna Spies 5/1, Kira Casey 5/1, Luka Szczuks 4/2, Luka Laszlo 4/2 Dorothea Beavis 3/3. To get to 96: Szűcs – Baldini (Italian) 15:4, László – Thurgood (Canadian) 15:11, Montoya (Spanish) – Beves 15:8. To get to 64: Szűcs – Boudiaf (Algerian) 15:11, Keszei – Mihajlova (Bulgarian) 15:6, Laszlo – Xang Hsien Yu (Chinese) 15:9

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