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Egyptian plague BEOL

The fact that the Hungary-Germany match taking place today at the Egyptian Men’s Handball World Championship is a completely normal occurrence. But how there will be a match between Uruguay and Cape Verde – if there were any, we didn’t know that at the time of writing this article – is difficult to understand! In fact, the winner will get more! Although Cape Verdean residents may not be able to stand, their actions against the Germans on Sunday were delayed, as in the theater, due to illness: the coronavirus slammed the frame, leaving at least ten people required to play as per the competition notice.

By the way, Uruguay is participating in the first World Cup, thanks to a field that swelled to thirty-two. Thus South America can be represented by three, while there are no more than one miracle beetles playing handball there outside of Argentina and Brazil. In the regional qualifiers, Uruguay could finish third, including beating Bolivia 55-1. Not a mistake, I’ll describe it in the letters: fifty-five. What kind of company could have a “master” waist to score 55 goals? Dear readers, if we pick a week to start randomly from among you, the Bolivia Men’s Handball Team is likely to be defeated!

Africa was also overrepresented at the World Cup, but at least we got to know Thierry Mfombi Gaultier.

The Congolese streak player is definitely the fattest athlete of all time who can compete in a global adult handball competition, by the way, is legions in the French quarter league, Dreux AC.

Of course, it is impossible for him to make a living from the income he gets there, so it is clear that he is also pursuing a civil career. I think you can earn more than being a dancer.

In vain, the Egyptian president of the IHF, who has governed for two decades, Hassan Mostafa is doing his best to promote the sport. She is probably more concerned with her popularity than that, so she seeks to give all of the IHF member states a serious role. Therefore, it may happen that our team will meet Uruguay in the World Cup and the match will start by the Iranian referees.

For us, of course, with all the oddities, our national team is the most important now, after preparing to face Cape Verde and Uruguay, with tonight’s rival Germany. 44-18 The Hungarian inherited the World Cup goal scoring Sunday over South America, but not the biggest win, 2013 43-13 against Australia is the climax.

That is, the culmination would be to be able to conquer the Germans with one goal. Because the real World Cup has finally begun!

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