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Education resumes for a period of six days in the country of the sample of Coronavirus vaccination, and wearing masks is not mandatory outdoors

Education resumes for a period of six days in the country of the sample of Coronavirus vaccination, and wearing masks is not mandatory outdoors

Starting Sunday, classes will once again be able to study together fully in all classrooms, no longer limiting the number of children that can be seated together in a classroom, but students over the age of 12 will still be required to wear a mask indoors. In addition, they must be frequently ventilated, and the seats have been placed away from normal, ynet news portal, Ahnet, reported Sunday.

Education is also resumed for a period of six days after last year teaching was usually suspended temporarily on Fridays, and in some classes and institutions only half the week, students take turns attending attendance education, and others tried to follow the teaching process from home through distance learning.

Snack breaks will be held in schoolyards, and there will be no obligation to wear a mask there, as well as during physical education classes. They can only organize study trips outdoors, which can be accompanied by parents who have already been vaccinated or have recovered.

Only already vaccinated students over the age of 16 can go on a multi-day trip that requires accommodation, including only those classes in which at least 90 percent of the vaccine has already received.

85 percent of teachers have been vaccinated or confirmed to be infected with the Coronavirus, but those who have not yet been protected from the Coronavirus may also return to the classroom.

As of Sunday, it is not necessary to wear a face mask outdoors after a significant drop in the number of new infections with the Coronavirus, but wearing a muzzle indoors is still mandatory across the country.

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Relief was achieved through a rapid and highly successful vaccination campaign that has significantly curbed the coronavirus epidemic. Currently, according to the Ministry of Health, there are no highly contagious “red” settlements. A Bedouin village in the Negev desert is the only “orange” or moderately affected place, and only 12 slightly infected “yellow” settlements have been recorded in 267 “green” cities and near From villages with few or no Coronavirus carriers.

In Israel, 5,543,094 people have been vaccinated at least once with a vaccine jointly developed by Pfizer and BioNTech in the vaccination campaign, which began on December 20, and represent 57.46% of the country’s population.

Only 82 carriers of the virus were identified in the lower-than-usual number of 11,085 tests on Saturday. In the current descending phase of the third wave of epidemics, the Ministry of Health recorded 2540 active infections, and 8,36926 cases of Coronavirus have been identified since the outbreak of the epidemic. 6,334 people have died from the disease in Israel since February of last year.

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