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Edina Butiondi: When Azharia was attacked for his political opinion, that he was a libertine, a traitor, and a bastard, Majka and Gabi Toth were interestingly silent

Edina Butiondi: When Azharia was attacked for his political opinion, that he was a libertine, a traitor, and a bastard, Majka and Gabi Toth were interestingly silent

The comedian spoke about the differences between the money provided to stars close to NER and the Heim Pal Children’s Hospital, as well as the politics based on the success of Nobel Prize-winning scientists.

He appeared again with a new video on Tuesday Butiondi edinawho of course could not leave without commenting on one of the most interesting Hungarian public and cultural phenomena of the past week, the Triple Vase Party, and the reactions to it.

At the beginning of the video, the artist addresses pop musicians near NER and To Istvan Tyburc Compares hundreds of millions of Szerencsejáték Zrt. Awarded to companies closely related to a grant of HUF 5 million provided to the Heim Pal Children’s Hospital by the same company.

Butionde then spoke about the recent propaganda of the government’s victory, which is clearly trying to portray it as a success for the entire country. Catalin Carrico And Ferenc Kroesz His Nobel Prize. “The Catalinas and Ferencze Krauses of the future Carrico are likely to live today in Vienna, Munich, Amsterdam, London or America – as well as the Catalinas and Ferencze Krauses of the present and past Carrico” YouTube user notes.

Here, Edina quotes Ferenc Krauss’ interview with the state-owned M5 cultural channel, in which the Nobel Prize-winning physicist told politicians to value the teaching profession more, because if they didn’t, “We certainly won’t get Nobel Prizes, and that’s the least of the problems.”. The comedian also points out that these sentences said by Kraus were deleted from the reports of the state news agency.

This is where Butiondi transitioned to Al-Azhar’s success. He points out that there was not a penny of state support behind the young musician’s monumental performance, in fact, Ezzi more than once criticized the current state leadership in his music. He also blames that when some criticism was directed at the young star, Majka and Gaby Toth immediately defended him.

“When Al-Azhari was attacked because of his political opinion that he was a traitorous bastard from Labsi, they were strangely silent.”

– The former politician gives his brief opinion.

Butiondi edina full video

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