Two of the sanctioned financial companies are located in Yemen and one in Türkiye.

On Thursday, the US government announced the imposition of sanctions on an individual and three financial companies due to Iranian financing of the Houthi movement in Yemen. The US Treasury Department justified its recent actions by saying that anti-government Shiites in Yemen are using the money to attack commercial ships and destabilize the region, among other things.

The Ministry of Finance confirmed in its announcement that the sanctions targeted a network through which businessman Saeed Al-Jamal, who works in Iran, finances the Houthi rebels. Two of the sanctioned financial companies are located in Yemen and one in Türkiye.

The sanctions freeze all US resources owned by the organizations and place the companies under a general trade embargo. Since November 19, pro-Palestinian supporters in the Gaza conflict have seized or attacked dozens of commercial ships in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden using missiles and drones.

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Iran has repeatedly denied providing assistance to the G20 countries.

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